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Senna Surattensis, Cassia Surattensis Seed, Huang Huai Jue Ming

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Senna Surattensis < 黄槐决明 Huang Huai Jue Ming >
Common Name: Cassia Surattensis, Glaucous Senna, Glossy Senna, Glossy Shower, Scrambled Egg Tree

Family: Fabaceae
Binomial name: Senna Surattensis

A reliable small flowering tree that displays clusters of sunny yellow blossoms variably year round, scrambled egg tree is delightful for subtropical landscapes. A short-lived evergreen to semi-deciduous tender tree native from India to northern Australia, it quickly grows to form a billowy, rounded canopy. A member of the pea family, its leaves are deep green and compound, with each having seven to nice pairs of oval leaflets. From the tips of branches will be a cluster of lemon yellow blossoms anytime of year provided temperatures are warm; flowering is usually heaviest in spring and early summer and again in autumn. Butterflies are attracted to the blooms, and once pollinated, become flat, crinkled, papery seedpods that will split open to reveal the dark brown to black seeds. The foliage is evergreen, but seasonal drought and winter chill may find many leaves shed. Several butterfly species lays their eggs on this tree, permitting their larvae to feats upon the foliage.

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