Sesbania Cannabina, Sesbania Pea Seed, Yellow Pea Bush Tian Jing

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Sesbania Cannabina, Sesbania Pea Seed, Yellow Pea Bush Tian Jing

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Sesbania Cannabina < 田菁 Tian Jing >
Common Name: Sesbania Pea, Yellow Pea Bush

Family: Fabaceae
Binomial name: Sesbania Cannabina

Herbs, annual, 3-3.5 m tall. Stems green or sometimes brown, smooth, with inconspicuous light greenish stripes, slightly glaucous, basally with many adventitious roots; young branches sparsely appressed villous, glabrescent, with white mucilage when broken. Stipules lanceolate, caducous. Leaves 40-60(-80)-foliolate; rachis 15-25 cm, sparsely appressed vil­lous when young, glabrescent, adaxially grooved; petiolules ca. 1 mm, with sparsely appressed trichomes; stipels subulate, sub­equal to petiolules or shorter, persistent; leaflet blades oppo­site or subopposite, linear-oblong, 8-20(-40) × 2.5-4(-7) mm, smaller at both ends of rachis than in middle, both surfaces with appressed purplish glands but abaxially denser, abaxially sparsely appressed villous when young but glabrescent, adaxi­ally glabrous, both ends asymmetric, base rounded, apex blunt to truncate and mucronate. Racemes 3-10 cm, 2-6-flowered, lax; peduncle slender, pendulous, sparsely appressed villous; bract linear-lanceolate, caducous. Pedicel slender, pendulous, sparsely appressed villous; bracteoles 2, caducous.

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