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Tapiscia Sinensis, Garden Geen Yin Que Shu, Ying Jiao Shu

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Tapiscia Sinensis < 瘿椒树 Ying Jiao Shu >
Common Name: unknown

Family: Tapisciaceae
Binomial name: Tapiscia Sinensis

Tapiscia sinensis is a species of plant in the Apiaceae family. It is endemic to China. It is threatened by habitat loss. Trees, 8-15 m tall, deciduous;. Bark gray to grayish black, twigs glabrous, buds ovate Leaves odd-pinnate, up to 30 cm; leaflets 5-9; petiolule of lateral leaflets short, that of terminal leaflet up to 12 cm; blades narrowly ovate to ovate, 6-14 × 3.5-6 cm, abaxially grayish white, glabrous or with tufts of hairs on axils of veins, adaxial green, glabrous, base cordate or subcordate, margin serrate, apex acuminate Male inflorescence. . 15-25 cm, bisexual inflorescence 5-10 cm Flowers small, ca. 2 mm in diam, yellowish, fragrant Calyx margin ciliate;... connate sepals campanulate, ca. 1 mm, 5-lobed Petals narrowly obovate, slightly longer . than calyx, margin ciliate Stamens 5; filaments greenish, 1-2 mm; anthers yellow Ovary 1-locular with 1 ovule;. style longer than stamen in bisexual flower; vestigial ovary present in male flower Fruit subglobose to oval, 7-. 18 mm, borne on a short and thick peduncle. Fl. Mar-May, fr. May-Jun. 

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