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Taxodium Distichum, Bald Cypress Seed, Luoyu Shan

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Taxodium Distichum < 落羽杉 Luo Yu Shan >
Common Name: Bald Cypress, Swamp Cypress, Cypress, Southern-cypress, White-cypress, Tidewater Red-cypress, Gulf-cypress, Red-cypress
Family: Cupressaceae
Binomial name: Taxodium Distichum

Taxodium distichum is a large, slow-growing, and long-lived tree. It typically grows to heights of 30–35 m (100–120 ft) and to a trunk diameter of 1–2 m (3–6 ft). The main trunks are surrounded by cypress knees. The bark is grayish brown to reddish brown, thin, and fibrous with a stringy texture; it has a vertically interwoven pattern of shallow ridges and narrow furrows. The leaves are alternate and linear, with flat blades borne on the twigs that are spirally arranged on the stems, but twisted at the base to lie in two horizontal ranks, 1–2 cm long and 1–2 mm broad. Unlike most other species in the family Cupressaceae, it is deciduous, i. e., it loses its leaves in winter, hence the appellation of "bald". It is monoecious - has both staminate flowers and carpellate flowers on every plant, with male and female flowers forming on slender, tassel-like structures near the edge of branchlets. The male and female strobili are produced from buds formed in late autumn, with pollination in early winter, and mature in about 12 months. The seed cones are green and mature to grayish brown, globular, and 2.0-3.5 cm in diameter. 

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