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Toona Sinensis, Chinese Toon Seed, Red Toon Xiangchun

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Toona Sinensis < 香椿 Xiang Chun >
Common Name: Chinese Toon, Red Toon, Chinese Mahogany, Chinese Toon Shoots, Chinese Toon Buds, Chinese Toon Leaves, Chinese Cedar, Chinese Mahogany Cedar, Hsiang Tsun

Family: Meliaceae
Binomial name: Toona Sinensis

Toona sinensis, with common names Chinese mahogany, Chinese toon, or red toon is a species of Toona native to eastern and southeastern Asia, from North Korea south through most of eastern, central and southwestern China to Nepal, northeastern India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, and western Indonesia. It is a deciduous tree growing to 25 metres (82 ft) tall with a trunk up to 70 cm diameter. The bark is brown, smooth on young trees, becoming scaly to shaggy on old trees. The leaves are pinnate, 50–70 cm long and 30–40 cm broad, with 10–40 leaflets, the terminal leaflet usually absent (paripinnate) but sometimes present (imparipennate); the individual leaflets 9–15 cm long and 2.5–4 cm broad, with an entire or weakly serrated margin. The flowers are produced in summer in panicles 30–50 cm long at the end of a branch; each flower is small, 4–5 mm diameter, with five white or pale pink petals. The fruit is a capsule 2–3.5 cm long, containing several winged seeds.

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