White Maize, Zea Mays Corn Seed, Sweet Zea Mays Corn Bai Yu Mi

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White Maize, Zea Mays Corn Seed, Sweet Zea Mays Corn Bai Yu Mi

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White Maize < 白玉米 Bai Yu Mi >
Common Name: Sweet Zea Mays, Corn

Family: Poaceae
Binomial name: Zea Mays

Corn grows best when planted at the correct time. Prized for their sugary sweet flavor and disease resistance, white corn (Zea mays) cultivars such as "Silver Queen" and "How Sweet It Is" feature prominently in many warm-season gardens. The plants require little hands-on upkeep apart from regular watering and feeding. However, the seeds must be planted correctly to perform their best. Timing and soil composition are the two most important aspects of planting white corn since both will affect the plants' growth and vigor. Proper spacing also plays a key role because it creates the ideal conditions for pollination, which will determine the number and quality of the ears.

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